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Have you heard of the burger from Beyond Meat? Your answer will likely be “yes”! It is the world’s most popular plant-based burger. A revolutionary burger that has the taste, texture and colour of ground beef. It has attracted the curiosity of vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and meat eaters looking for an alternative to the classic grill! Indeed, 90% of Beyond Meat consumers also eat meat. The mission of the company is clear: provide a 100% plant-based alternative to beef in order to improve consumer health, protect the planet and respect animal welfare. WiseFins compares nutritional values, water requirements and carbon…

Your monthly dose of info is here, it is WiseFins’ mystery guest time! Today it is something you probably all know about, but you may not be aware of its environmental impact. Can you guess what this product is? Find out who is behind the picture.

I am an animal. I am a ruminant mammal from the ovine family. I am usually raised for meat or wool production. I am a baby under a year old and sleep is essential for me as I sleep between 8 and 12 hours a day. I am very playful and spend most of my time in the herd during my waking hours.

You’ve known me forever. I have historical and symbolic meaning in your traditions. After being the first animal domesticated by Man, I participated in the first blood transfusion in history. For the record, Jean-Baptiste Denis, personal physician…

Mauro Colagreco dans son jardin

La cuisine du chef italo-argentin Mauro Colagreco, à la tête du Mirazur, à Menton, marie les arômes acidulés, le végétal et le très frais, au sein de créations originales. Ses créations sont inspirées par les produits du marché ou de son jardin. Le chef triplement étoilé souhaite plus que tout préserver l’environnement dans lequel il vit.

Le Mirazur est en effet l’un des restaurants les plus engagés au monde pour la planète. Il a même obtenu, en février dernier, une certification « zéro plastique » après cinq années d’efforts intensifs.

Il est l’un des chefs les plus connus au monde…

Comme beaucoup de laits végétaux, le lait d’avoine et le lait d’amande ont envahi les rayons de nos supermarchés prêts à conquérir les végétaliens, végans, intolérants au lactose, mais aussi les plus curieux et les plus épicuriens. Reconnus comme des substituts parfaits au lait de vache, ils sont souvent considérés comme bons pour la santé et pour l’environnement mais attention, ils ne sont pas tous équivalents. WiseFins a étudié les valeurs nutritives, les ressources nécessaires en eau et le transport des matières premières de ces deux laits végétaux. Que la battle commence !

Round 1 : lait d’avoine vs lait…

En apéritif, en pâtisserie, en cosmétique, en cuisine, à grignoter, l’amande sous toutes ses formes prend de plus en plus de place dans nos rayons. Considéré comme un produit sain, naturel et pas gras, ce fruit à coque est devenu une véritable star de l’alimentation végétale. Mais derrière son goût et ses qualités nutritionnelles on ignore souvent sa provenance et son impact écologique, attention vous risquez d’être surpris !

4 Experts’ Recommendations :
On How To Run A Purpose-Driven Business.

Are you also tired of companies thinking that purpose and financial success do not go hand in hand? Fortunately, we have observed in the past few years the immense rise in purpose-driven start-ups that proved that consumers are hungry to buy products and services that contribute to a better future for the planet. Based on a Cone Communication study, 95% of Millennials prioritize the purchase of good cause related products. Here is a list of some of our favourite businesses we have been following for a while.

Think triple bottom line: People. Profit. Planet.

Stephanie Dickson, Co-Founder of Green is the new Black

We are huge fans…

photo credit : @inakihxz @unsplash

This is hard for me. Sitting in front of a blank page is somewhat of an uncomfortable feeling.

What is compelling me to write this? The gravity of the current situation, for one.

But also, looking through my LinkedIn and seeing friends “seeking new opportunities” or their photos branded, with the now all too familiar, #opentowork.

Covid-19 has decimated the hospitality, restaurant and food industry at large. It has impacted many of my friends’ lives. Lately I’ve really yo-yoed between optimism and pessimism.

In the past couple of weeks though, something occurred to me that sparked enthusiasm and got me…

January 2020, the coronavirus crisis is already ravaging China and for the past week, rumors are spreading that my company could close any day. I work in a startup that creates and sells hospitality management software. This job is great and really fulfilling, particularly after a difficult change in my career path.

One morning, as I wake up, I look at my phone and an uneasy feeling comes over me; an emptiness of sorts. And then, the shock. My company is going bankrupt and I am losing my job. I already picture myself telling my wife that I am unemployed…


Transforming hospitality and the food industry into resilient sectors, protective of the planet and its inhabitants.

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